About Us

For over 20 years our scientists have been obsessed with uncovering the many benefits of lupin. Whilst grown extensively to support agricultural needs over the years, especially in Western Australia, it struck us that the chemical and nutritional composition of lupin was something very special. With research we were able to ascertain that lupin is in fact the world's highest source of plant-based protein and dietary fibre. In fact, three times more fibre and protein than oats or quinoa and at least double that of other legumes. What;s more, lupin contains virtually no carbs, has a low glycaemic index and three times as much iron as kale. Impressed? We were...

Especially as the UK (and much of the rest of the western world) is struggling to control obesity and cardiovascular issues, with much of the damage being done due to diet and lifestyle. We realised that though lupin is not a magic pill, it is a genuinely fantastic source of all the crucial nutrients your body needs. So we then worked on ways for this amazing ingredient to be easily utilised and adopted into our everyday diets and our solution is simple - dried lupin flakes. These flakes just like wheat or oats have all the goodness of lupins but are easy to cook with and incorporate into our diets with minimum effort.

Our Revolupin lupin flakes take only three minutes to cook and can be tastily incorporated into literally hundreds of snacks, breakfasts, main meals and desserts and treats. We are delighted that we have been able to provide a convenient way for you to enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful legume and incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Our mission is to continue to share our knowledge on how lupins can bring honest wellness to your life and help maximise your health and fitness programmes.

At LupinFood we are passionate brand that creates an innovative and delicious food product for today's increasingly health-conscious market. Everything we do is geared towards us being as transparent and innovative with our customers about lupin and its numerous health benefits, abd how to use it as an ingredient.

Come on and join us in the Revolupin!